About Myra

Myra, Your Buzz Fix

Hey loves! My name’s Myra and this is the site for all things celebrity news!

If you want the latest gossip, fashion advice from the stars, and exclusive photos then you can get “Your Buzz Fix” here!

I am passionate about all things music and go to as many concerts as I can. I listen to all genres and couldn’t live without my YouTube Premium subscription. I have music on all day long, from morning until I go to bed. There’s a song and a playlist for every mood throughout the day. Pump up music, shower music, trip hop for chilling at night, gettin’ down music – you name it!

I listen to EVERYTHING including: Mastadon, Tool, The Avener, Alan Jackson, Motley Crue, WASP, Kaskade, Whitesnake, The Revitalists, Judas Priest, Lana Del Rey, Guns n’ Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Solomun, Rival Sons, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, The National, Greta Van Fleet…I could go on and on.

I love everything about concerts and the anticipation from that first tour announcement. The excitement begins with the race to buy tickets and not knowing if there will be any left (thanks Ticketmaster).

Then if you’re lucky enough to score tickets at face value you can start daydreaming about concert night. Everything from who’s all going, to what you’ll wear, to what the plan is for pre-drinks and dinner.

Pro-tip if you can’t get face value tickets when they go on sale to the public, wait to the very last minute. People will be trying to get rid of their tickets at the last minute the day of the event if they can’t make it and that’s when the best deals are! I’ve used this trick a number of times and been able to go last minute to a number of concerts.

It’s also so much fun to follow the band’s tour schedule and see where else they’ve performed and what kind of show they’ve put on leading up to when they come to your hometown – it just helps build the hype.

Going to a concert is such a powerful experience, not only to hear your favorite band play your favorite songs, but it’s like being a room with a bunch of good friends who are just there to party and have a good time. The energy you feel from a concert can last for days after!

You can just forget your problems and dance the night away because literally no one cares how crazy you look!

When those venue doors open there’s just a wave of excitement that rushes over you, especially if you have pit tickets and you have to earn your spot to stay at the front of the pack and be up close and personal to your favorite stars.

I hope you discover a new celebrity crush on my site and get inspired to go to your next concert!

Much love, Myra